Announcing Project M (for Movies, not Murder)

10 Apr

So when Doug and I were getting this whole blog thing off the ground, we discussed a variety of different movie “projects” we might undertake.  Doug suggested that we should somewhere, somehow talk about some of our favorite movies.  The challenge was making sure that such a project was still fun and interesting for you, our dear readers.  We talked about a “Top Ten” list, but neither of us could nail our favorite movies down to just ten so we talked around in circles, as Doug and I are known to do until I was hit with a little inspiration; what if we reviewed each other’s favorite movies?  Well, we talked some more because, as you can probably tell, talking movies is one of our favorite things to do, before Doug made a counter proposal; what if we challenged ourselves to come up with recommendations from our own movie collections that we thought the other might enjoy, but that also represented our favorites?


We think we may have hit upon something pretty awesome here; a project that will allow us to view some of our old favorite films through new eyes, introduce us to some new “classics” and provide me with plenty of ammunition for future teasing of Doug.  I, of course, am mainly hoping for the latter, but, who knows, maybe I’ll discover some new favorites in the process.  So stay tuned as Doug and I prepare to review and discuss the finer points of our favorites from Heat to Dogma to Saturday Night Fever to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.  You may just discover some new favorites as well!

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Posted by on April 10, 2012 in Project M, Reviews


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