And the Nominees Are . . .

10 Jan

That’s right, it’s Oscar season once again.  And before Doug and I launch into our now patented Oscar nominee conversations, we thought you all might like the opportunity to play along at home.  So, if you haven’t seen the complete list of nominees yet, check it out.  It is difficult to keep up with all these films so, we thought it might help our loyal readers to know which of these are available to rent or will be before Hollywood’s big night so, here’s a list of all the films available now or in the next few weeks in several of the major categories.  For some of them, we’ve even thrown in our two cents on whether to see them!

Beasts of the Southern Wild, nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actress in a Leading Role, Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – Doug’s take

Flight, nominated for Actor in a Leading Role and Writing (Original Screenplay) (available on Feb. 5th) – Doug’s take

Moonrise Kingdom, nominated for Writing (Original Screenplay) – Doug’s take

There are Several films nominated in the Animated Feature Film category:

Brave – totally worth checking out, especially if you have a youngster to entertain and want to teach them that the grass is not greener on the other side and they should appreciate the family and, well everything they’ve got.

Frankenweenie Sarah’s take

ParaNorman –  Sarah’s take

The Pirates! Band of Misfits – totally rent it!  This is great fun for young’uns and adults alike and some great voice talent.

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